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Again narrated by the wonderful Jack Wynters, 'The Innocence of Kaiser Wilhelm II' demonstrates that, far from being a madman or a warmonger, the Kaiser did everything in his power to avoid war. Please click the link to hear a preview.

Latest News

We are delighted that three of our books are now available as audiobooks and over the next few months we will be producing further biographies and novels in audio format.

Brilliantly narrated by Jack Wynters,  'Shattered Crowns: The Scapegoats' is the first book in a trilogy of novels following the Sovereigns of Russia, Germany & Austria-Hungary from 1913 to 1918. This book focusses on the events leading to murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the devastating effect his death had on the peace of Europe.

Please click this link to hear a brief clip from the book.

The audiobook is now available on Audible and via Amazon.

Soon to be released: Queen Victoria & The French Royal Families

This is the first in a proposed series of books about Queen Victoria's relations with other European monarchies, demonstrating the fine line she had to walk between her role as a constitutional monarch and her personal friendships. This books focusses on the family of King Louis Philippe, by whom the Queen felt utterly betrayed; and her growing friendship with Napoleon's nephew, Emperor Napoleon III.

Fleur Edwards beautifully narrates Queen Victoria's Granddaughters, capturing the many accents and characters of the twenty-two princesses and Queens. Please click the link to hear a preview.