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I grew up on a diet of poetry and history both of which inspired me to write from my earliest years. I had first poem published when I was twelve years old, and from there went on to write novels until my fascination with Queen Victoria's extended family led me to writing a series of historical biographies. 

I love the musical rhythm of 'the right words in the right order' and also believe that most of the time the simplest words can be most effective to convey not only an event but the feelings of those who were present at the time. In both my fiction and non-fiction books, it is my aim to capture the emotions and motivations of the central characters, while creating an accurate picture of the world which they inhabited.

My other interests include  spirituality, herbs and animals, especially Bertie, my beautiful Bichon Frise.

Christina Croft



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At Hilliard & Croft we aim to recreate the events and people of the past through novels and historical biographies in a way that is both accurate and beautiful. 

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