Christina Croft

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It is a great honour and a joy to be able to combine my two greatest passions - history and writing - in one career, and I deeply appreciate every single reader who, by purchasing my books, has enabled me to fulfil this lifelong dream. I have always made a point of writing only about characters and subjects which enthral me, in the sincere hope of bringing something of my sense of exhilaration to my readers. As I love the almost musical rhythm of 'the right words in the right order', I believe that quite often the simplest words can be most effective to convey the deepest meanings. In this way,  in both fiction and non-fiction, I aim to capture not only the emotions and motivations of the central characters but also to create an accurate picture of the world that they inhabited. 

My other interests include  spirituality and animals, and I am especially grateful to Bertie, my beautiful Bichon Frise, who waits so patiently for attention when I am engrossed in writing.

                                                                                                                        Christina Croft