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We aim to recreate the elegance of the past by bringing history alive in story form. Through books and talks we hope to recapture the essence of fascinating people and events of days gone by, and present them in a way that is both accurate and beautiful. 

We hope you will enjoy our books, our talks, our blog posts and our website.  

History brought to life in story form

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Christina Croft was born in Warwickshire and raised in the north of England. Educated at Notre Dame Grammar School, Leeds, she graduated in English & Divinity in Liverpool, also obtaining teaching and nursing qualifications. She began her writing career as a poet, working with the Heads Together project, before moving on to co-writing songs and musicals and writing biographies and novels. She lives in Yorkshire where her other interests include general history, spirituality, nature and animals - particularly Bertie, her Bichon Frise.

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